The information provided on this page is for Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 231.  Below you can find links to information related to the financial and bookkeeping records for the District.

Freeze Warnings and Hard Freeze Warnings Expected

The National Weather Service has advised that subfreezing temperatures are likely beginning Thursday night and into Friday morning following the passage of a strong cold front. Freeze Warnings and possible Hard Freeze Warnings can be expected. High temperatures could quite possibly remain below freezing throughout the day on Friday and not warm up above freezing until during the day on Saturday.

Steps for Winterizing your Home

  • Insulate pipes with insulation sleeves, wrapping or using slip-on foam pipe insulation. Do not leave any gaps without insulation as cold air can affect the pipe in these spaces.
  • Winterize your sprinkler system by turning the water off to your irrigation system and drain your backflow preventer.
  • Maintain a heating source inside the building to protect pipes against cold.
  • Open cabinets underneath faucets.
  • Exterior hose bibs are normally left unattended, disconnect hoses and insulate faucets with covers or blankets.
  • House Shut off valve: Know where your shut off valve is located in case of an emergency. Valve is usually on the side of the house near the garage. Some homes the valve is inside the garage wall.
  • If you choose to leave a faucet dripping, please only let the faucet drip slowly. NO STEADY STREAMS.
  • If traveling for the Holidays, it is recommended that you turn the water off at the street and drain all your plumbing.


Name of District

(Section 2051.202)

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 231

Name and Term of Office for Each Board Member

(Section 26.18, Section 2051.202)

Randy Pollard, Term: May 2026
Gill Dolan, Term: May 2024
Jeremy Bartholomew, Term: May 2024
Katy Harris, Term: May 2024
LeeAnn Ojala, Term: May 2026

Contact Information for Main Office of District (Mailing and Physical Address, and Phone Number)

(Section 26.18, Section 2051.202)

2727 Allen Parkway, Suite 1100
Houston, Texas 77019
(713) 652-6500
[email protected]

Official Contact Information for Each Board Member

(Section 26.18, Section 2051.202)

Same as the contact information for the main office of district. (Above)

If Applicable, Name of the General Manager

(Section 2051.202)


The Name of the Person Representing the Operator, Including a Mailing Address and Telephone Number

(Section 2051.202)

Marlon Ivy & Associates, Inc
Attn: Josh Maas
P.O. Box 9
Spring, Texas 77383
(281) 651-1618

The Name of the Person Representing the Tax Assessor/Collector, Including Mailing Address and Telephone Number

(Section 2051.202)

Harris County Tax Office
Attn: Ann Harris Bennett, County Tax Assessor-Collector
1001 Preston, Suite 335
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 274-8000

The Rate of the Ad Valorem Tax

(Section 2051.202)

  • 2022: $1.00

If Applicable, the Sales and Use Tax Rate

(Section 2051.202)


Any Tax Rate Hearing Notice

(Section 2051.202)

  • Notices of Public Hearing on Tax Rate
  • Orders Setting Tax Rate, Approving Tax Roll, and Levying Maintenance and Operation Tax

Location and Schedule of Meeting of the District

(Section 2051.202)

Monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at 2727 Allen Parkway, Suite 1100, Houston, Texas 77019.

A Statement that the Residents Have a Right to Request a Designation of a Meeting Location Within the District

(Section 2051.202)

The Board’s regular meetings are held at 2727 Allen Parkway, Suite 1100, Houston, Texas 77019. Nevertheless, under Texas law, the following information is required to be posted on the District’s website:

Residents of the District have the right to request the designation of a meeting location within the District under Section 49.062(g), Water Code. A description of this process can be found at https://www.tceq.texas.gov/downloads/water-districts/forms/form-20863.pdf.

Each Meeting Notice and Minutes of Meetings for the Current Year and the Preceding 12 Months

(Section 2051.202)


2023-05-17 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2023-04-19 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2023-02-15 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2023-01-18 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes


2022-11-16 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2022-09-21 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2022-08-17 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2022-07-20 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2022-05-18 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2022-04-20 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2022-02-16 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2022-01-19 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes


2021-12-15 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes
2021-09-15 – Regular: Agenda | Minutes

Budget Information

(Section 26.18)

Change in amount of District budget from the preceding year to current year, by dollar amount and percentage: $2,385; 0.73%

The taxing unit’s budget for the preceding two years:

The taxing unit’s proposed or adopted budget for the current year:

Financial Information

(Section 26.18, Section 2051.202)

 The most recent financial audits:


Mailing Address
2727 Allen Parkway, Suite 1100
Houston, Texas 77019
Phone: (713) 652-6500
[email protected]